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Phil & Kendra


I don’t think I was ever so excited about shooting a wedding as I was about this one! Strangers at first, but after being there for rehearsal, and having the honor of spending the night before the wedding at a hotel with the bride and bridesmaids (not to mention being loved and welcomed with open arms by the bride’s family!), by the time the Big Day came I was quite excited about documenting it for them.  I was reminded that the main reason I love photography is because I love people and I love how every person is different and how challenging it is to try to capture that. Yay for photography! 🙂

Phil & Kendra, your testimony/love story is absolutely beautiful and I bless you guys for allowing God to have worked in your lives the way you did. I promise not to gush too much on this so public of a place, but I do want you to know your testimony both challenged and blessed me and it was seen all throughout your day and it still pops out at me every time I look at your pictures! Editing pictures with your happy faces was almost like therapy for me… hmm, is that good or not?? 😉
          Thank you for being such amaaaazing sports. I never saw a couple so comfortable and happy with each other and SO easy to work with!!! Wow. Thank you for the honor of choosing me as your photographer; I hope you will be pleased with the pictures!
I also want to thank my assistant, Matt, for all your help! I know a lot of these shots wouldn’t have been possible without you; thank you for working along with me I hope I didn’t boss you around too much; I’m kinda known for being bossy! 😉 It was fun teaching you a bit of what I knew, sharing ideas with you, and watching you work. You definitely have an artistic touch and I hope you can pursue photography some day!
A big thank you is also due to Adam & Sana L. who were not only my chauffeurs but encouragers and adopted uncle & auntie for the weekend! Thank you for your patience with my time schedule and just for being YOU. Love you guys!!
I will only be posting a few on here but CLICK HERE for the link to the pictures on facebook. Because of my lack of internet, it’s faster just uploading them to my album there, though i will always prefer Flickr for any photo uploading!

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  1. 06/17/2011 11:37 am

    Wow, Sandra. You did an amazing job!

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